QUESTION: Can you photoshop that?

ANSWER: Absolutely! This is a big part of how we stand out - we excel in retouching versus just editing. Stephanie has been working heavily in Photoshop for over 20 years now. All of your digital images will be tastefully retouched (no plastic skin here) to look great on any social media platform and your printed art work goes up a notch on making sure each last square inch of the image looks perfect. We keep permanent features intact unless you request something to be taken away. We can also nip and tuck so our parents don't have to be afraid to get in front of the camera, especially as so many of them are afraid of that new baby belly & weight. We want you to feel like the best you!

QUESTION: When are your session Hours?

ANSWER: Our sessions typically start between 9:30 AM & 3:30 PM Monday - Friday. We offer limited weekend hours for the Ordering Appointment only (in addition to our normal weekday hours) which takes place approximately 2 weeks after your photography session. We believe weekends are reserved for family time, but understand taking off work more than once can be difficult. 

QUESTION: Why do you only offer a few digital images versus all of them?

ANSWER: You can add more images for an additional price at your ordering appointment. But the following are some of our why's and beliefs. 
  1. We believe in eliminating clutter - digital AND physical clutter to keep stress down. Only keeping the best of the best images helps you eliminate that digital clutter. Don't worry, we are there every step of the way to guide you in your selection - that is done at your Ordering Appointment. 
  2. Lower priced Photographers that automatically give you all of the images tend to only edit one photo then press a button so they all have the same exact edit even if it doesn't work for every photo. They do not retouch specific parts of the image like the skin, or they do and it's a filter that looks fake. How long would it take you to narrow down 200 images on your own without our special software and  artistic expertise? 

QUESTION: Can I only get Digital Images for now?

ANSWER: You can absolutely only purchase digital images for now. Your print credit is only to be used at your Ordering Appointment, so anything purchased after will be full price. Our digital files are printable up to 10"x13" so any larger prints would have to be ordered through the studio.